Clearwater Counseling – #endthestigma Surrounding Mental Health.

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#endthestigma Surrounding Mental Health.

Even though Mental Health Awareness month was May, mental health is something to maintain and monitor year round, especially during these hyper-stressful times. Clearwater Counseling, PC wants to remind everyone that it’s okay to not be okay. Each year, millions of people across the U.S. (one in five adults) are affected by mental health issues. That number is rising with the economic instability and fear rampant in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular stresses of everyday life can be hard enough on your mental health, but adding a pandemic into the mix can make that stress unbearable. Clearwater Counseling urges everyone to understand that it’s more than okay to talk about mental health. The more we talk about it, the higher chance we have of saving more lives. Consider speaking with a Clearwater mental health professional about your own mental health.

Clearwater was founded on the principle that all individuals deserve access to quality mental health care. They firmly believe that their services lead to happier and healthier lives. They provide services to families, couples, and individuals dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, conflicts, and more. They are dedicated to treating mental health diagnoses through personalized and compassionate counseling practices. Clearwater therapy is focused on stimulating personal growth, development, and well-being.

Serving Clients Online via Telehealth

Even before the pandemic, Clearwater Counseling was fluent in telehealth services. Teletherapy remains a popular option due to its convenience and flexibility. Teletherapy eliminates many common barriers, like fear of running into people you know in the office or drive time, that keep people from starting therapy.

Clearwater works everyday to #endthestigma surrounding mental health. To do that, they answer questions and clear misconceptions about what therapy actually entails. The first session can be the scariest, but it is mostly used to just obtain background information. This allows clients to talk about what brought them in, their life struggles, or inner conflicts in a judgment free zone. Next, a treatment plan is established. While this can sound intimidating, it’s catered to you and your individual needs to ensure you get the most out of every session. What most people don’t realize is that therapy doesn’t just happen in the office. While going through the process, Clearwater therapists often assign homework for you to complete between sessions. Don’t let the word “homework” intimidate you! It’s only challenges to make sure you’re living the life you want to live each week, from creating routines to practicing setting boundaries. Clearwater’s goal is to improve clients’ daily functions so that their patients can ‘graduate’ therapy completely ready to handle whatever life has in store.

Clearwater’s team works with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages battling mental illness. Whether it’s in person or online, they provide the highest quality of service and compassionate care. Clearwater Counseling, PC strives to spark positive change in all their clients’ lives and make them realize that true peace can be found within.


Kayla A. Leddy

Kayla A. Leddy, CEO/co-owner, MS, LIMHP, LIPC, CA

Kayla obtained both her bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and master’s degree in Clinical Counseling at Bellevue University. She has over nine years of clinical experience working with individuals with chronic mental health, behavioral and substance use disorders, as well as expertise in diagnosing and assessments.


Jessica J. Fr​enzen

Jessica J. Fr​enzen, PLMHP/PCMSW

Jessica obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Nebraska–Kearney and her master’s degree in social work, clinical concentration from the University of Nebraska–Omaha. Jessica has clinical experience working with children with past trauma/behavior issues, as well as teens and adults diagnosed with chronic mental health and substance use disorders.



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