Ambius Hygiene360: A Full-Circle Solution for a Hygenic Workspace

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Hygiene360: A Full-Circle Solution for a Hygenic Workspace

In business, it pays to keep things clean, safe, and hygienic. Ambius’s comprehensive, 360-degree solution is expertly designed to stop the spread of germs through surface, air, and hand across your facility. For over 50 years, they’ve proudly helped organizations create commercial spaces that promote well-being and health. Now, as businesses face their biggest health challenge in 100 years, Ambius has assembled a global coalition of expertise from their family of companies, including a century-old hygiene leader and a 30-year pioneer in the operational and customer experience assessment industry. Together, they’ve developed Hygiene360, a layered approach focused on healthy building strategies to minimize risk and improve long-term health and well-being.

What is Hygiene360?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are hyperaware of conditions that impact health in public environments. Businesses are now faced with an onslaught of new decisions to make, including how to comply with ever-changing guidelines and legislation. Consumers are now seeking out businesses that implement responsible practices and go the extra mile to protect their customers and employees.
No single solution can tackle all germs, which is why Ambius developed a full-service, 360-degree approach to disrupt germs at any point along their journey. Surface, air, and hand hygiene services work in unison to protect health and enhance wellness in your workplace. The protocol assessment then verifies that your efforts are supporting the health and well-being initiatives of your organization.

Your Custom Hygiene360 Solution

Your business is unique. Shouldn’t your hygiene solution be, too? Ambius partners with you to understand your needs and determine how surface, air, and hand hygiene services would best work together in your environment. They will evaluate your operations for risks and highlight key areas for enhanced hygiene action in a customized plan, just for your business.

It’s also important to recognize how germs spread. Studies show that people touch their faces an average of 23 times per hour. Doing so after grabbing onto a communal door handle could easily transfer bacteria to a source of entry, such as your eyes or mouth, without you even realizing it. Surface to person is not the only way that germs can spread, through. Air to person and person to person are the two other primary modes of germ transmission.

Ambius’s full-service experience is reliable, responsive, and helps you meet your compliance initiatives. Most importantly, they help you create memorable, healthy experiences that demonstrate your brand’s commitment and care. Protect your business by disrupting the journey of the germ and encouraging positive hygiene behaviors.


Ambius is the global leader in creating enhanced commercial spaces. They are changing the way we think about our commercial spaces and the indoor environment with which we want to surround ourselves. Most importantly, Ambius is getting you to think about what’s right for your company.
Through bespoke interior and exterior landscaping, and scenting solutions, Ambius provides a superior experience for your customers, visitors, and staff to create long lasting and profitable relationships.

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