Ambius – Enhancing the Seasonal Experience through Scent

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Enhancing the Seasonal Experience through Scent

Design the Ultimate Holiday Experience in Your Office with Ambius

As autumn knocks on the door, it conjures up memories of falling leaves, cozy sweaters, nights by the fire pit, and cups of hot cocoa. Can you smell the apple cider or the smoky comforts of burning wood? Our memories and olfactory senses are deeply linked in the brain. Unlocking the power of scent can help business owners give a boost this holiday season.

It has never been truer that people are more focused on seeking experiences, and consumers are seeking intimacy and stronger connections above other factors. By incorporating a festive mix of music, visually appealing décor, and nostalgic aromas in your office this holiday season, you can make a lasting impression.

Four Ways Scent Can Help Your Business:

  • Increase Foot Traffic – Entice customers into your store. Ambius’ own research has found that 74% of consumers have been drawn into a store because of an inviting smell.
  • Increase Dwell Time – Encourage more time spent in-store for a better likelihood of making a purchase. When we asked consumers about their experience of nostalgic festive scents, 50% of people agreed that a familiar Christmas smell would encourage them to stay longer.
  • Influence Impulse Purchases – Create an experience that inspires consumers to buy. According to The Business Impact of Scent report, 74% of people act impulsively due to smell.
  • Encourage Positive Evaluations – Nurture positive association with your brand, leading to loyalty and referrals. According to the Scent Marketing Institute, pleasant smells can increase positive product evaluations by 25%.

Ambius Premium Scenting

Scent marketing, also known as aroma marketing, is a powerful yet subtle way for your company to gain your customers loyalty, whether you are in a retail location, hospitality, healthcare, office, financial institution, or any enclosed environment. Of all the five senses, smell is often cited as the one that triggers emotions and memories most powerfully.

Ambius’ Top Festive Scents:

Christmas Tree – Nothing evokes the holiday season like the invigorating smell of an authentic white pine and birch. We’ve found that 30% of people’s favorite scent of Christmas is the pine fragrance from traditional Christmas trees—this is the top result for females.

Peppermint Latte – Cool peppermint is balanced with warm, frothy vanilla to create this comforting wintry aroma.

Ambius is an award-winning designer of holiday displays that they will install and take down. If you think your building’s holiday display is lacking, contact Ambius in Omaha today to discuss what might work best for your space!


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