A Focus on Corporate Responsibility at Ovation by Avamere

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A Focus on Corporate Responsibility at Ovation by Avamere

Ovation by Avamere, an active adult lifestyle village, will be one of the first independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities of its kind in the country. It’s set to open in West Omaha in the Heartwood Preserve development next fall. As the two-building campus is being built, the Ovation leadership is focused on building a safe and engaging workplace for its employees, which in turn will have positive outcomes for residents and the local community.

According to Ovation by Avamere President Nicolette Merino, Ovation Heartwood Preserve will adhere to the Avamere core values, ensuring that the company’s leadership helps guide Ovation employees on a path to success.

“Avamere has just over 8,700 employees in 18 states,” Merino stated on the subject of corporate responsibility. “We’re focused on transparency, diversity, and the community.”

While that mission is to enhance the life of every person Ovation serves, the company is dedicated to the employees who make that mission happen. That is where the corporate responsibility comes into play at Ovation.

“Many companies have their mission statement and core values on the wall of their offices, but how frequently are they reviewed and embraced?” Merino added. “What are companies doing to ensure that their employees not only know the core values but are living those core values every day? Integrity and transparency of these values strengthen Ovation’s ability to engage with our employees, as well as the residents and investors.”

To measure the impact of its employee focus, Ovation will utilize clear measurements, competencies, and benchmarks to determine an individual’s success and how to help that person improve both personally and professionally. These benchmarks will also encourage diversity and inclusion.

Ryan Haller, chief development officer at PDCo, the developer building the Ovation campus and a member of the Avamere family of companies, understands the role corporate responsibility plays in the workplace.

“Diversity and inclusion in the workplace can give a company a competitive advantage,” Haller said. “Ovation’s mission, strategies, and practices support a diverse workplace.”

When an employee must hide who they are, or mask core parts of themselves, they will feel unsure and unsafe. This can take a toll on motivation, engagement, and culture in the workplace. In order to create an inclusive culture, Ovation will appreciate and respect each employee’s unique, authentic self.

“When employees feel accepted and valued, they are happier in their workplace and stay longer,” Merino added. “That’s a win for the company, the employee, and the people who put their trust in us.”

Ovation Heartwood Preserve’s Reservation Showroom is now open at Pepperwood Village. To learn more about the company and its focus on people visit ovationheartwoodpreserve.com or call (402) 999-7900.

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