VENUS Vein Clinic Adds Jamie R. Olsen and Melissa Selk to Team

VENUS Vein Clinic ( is excited to announce the addition of Jamie R. Olsen, CST, and Melissa Selk, RN, to their team. Jamie and Melissa have both proven to be a great asset to the VENUS Vein staff already, and everyone looks forward to seeing the great things they will accomplish in the future.

Jamie R. Olsen is a certified surgical technologist and has been working in and around the operating room for 14 years. She has assisted in several different surgical specialties, mainly working in plastic and reconstructive surgeries. In Jamie’s new position at VENUS Vein Clinic, she assists Dr. Schroeder with procedures. Her favorite part of working at VENUS is being able to see the difference that they are making in patients’ lives. Many of their patients have been dealing with vein disease for years and are now able to find some relief. Jamie is truly grateful to be able to help people get their lives back.

Melissa Selk grew up in Iowa and earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Creighton University. She is the mother of two boys ages four and one. Melissa has worked as an ICU and ER nurse for 12 years in addition to working at a pulmonary medicine clinic for three years. She enjoys working with the enthusiastic staff at VENUS in a fun, loving, caring environment. She also loves hearing stories from patients about the ways the staff at VENUS have changed their lives and helped them achieve positive results. Jamie plans to excel and expand her nursing skills in venous insufficiency.

VENUS Vein Clinic is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. It is the only practice in the Omaha area led by a board-certified vein physician who specializes in vein care exclusively. To contact VENUS Vein Clinic, visit or call (402) 922-8346.