FNIC (fnicgroup.com) is pleased to announce the addition of Sales Executives Joey Mumaugh and Vagas Mathiesen to the Omaha and Lincoln teams.

Joey Mumaugh is a sales executive specializing in personal insurance where he designs and implements risk management programs for his clients, ensuring their comprehensive protection. Joey thrives in an environment where change is constant. No two days are ever the same in this dynamic industry. However, what Joey finds most rewarding about his job is the opportunity to continually learn and assist individuals in finding solutions that meet their needs and ultimately safeguard their families.

Vagas Mathiesen is a sales executive focusing on insurance for the agriculture and transportation industries. Vagas has established himself as a knowledgeable professional in the insurance industry. He carefully reviews his clients risk management programs and offers recommendations based on their situation. He leverages his relationships and experience to construct tailor-made insurance solutions that address their unique needs.

Joey Mumaugh and Vagas Mathiesen are passionate about supporting their clients with a high-level strategy that meets their objectives. Their strategic vision and innovative approach will play a central role in FNIC’s future endeavors and expansion plans.
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