Farris Engineering, Inc. (farris-usa.com) has promoted Kate Breitenfeld to Omaha Office Manager. Kate joined Farris Engineering in 2018 as the Controller. Because Farris Engineering is a small business, she has taken on various roles and responsibilities over the years. With her promotion to Omaha Office Manager, Kate will lead the Omaha office team.

“I am excited to embrace the responsibility that comes with overseeing the daily operations of our Omaha office. I look forward to leading the Omaha office in wide-ranging improvements that will be sustainable in the future as well as enhancing and strengthening the areas where we excel. The Omaha office is filled with a great group of people. My role at Farris Engineering brings me joy. I’m having the time of my life and am looking forward to whole-heartedly serving this organization for years to come,” said Kate.

In addition to overseeing benefits for the entire company, her responsibilities will include ensuring efficient day-to-day operations, project coordination and budgeting and consulting with Farris Engineering’s other offices to facilitate smooth workflow. Kate will also work closely with the president/CEO to contribute to strategic planning, assist in project management and help implement effective communication within their leadership structure.

“Kate’s dynamic personality and unwavering drive are poised to inspire transformative changes in Omaha. Her commitment promises both immediate and enduring results,” said President and CEO Michael Wallace. “I look forward to our collaborative journey ahead.”

Farris Engineering is an industry leader in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering with additional expertise in fire protection engineering, lighting design, building commissioning services, technology systems design and life safety systems engineering. To learn more, visit farris-usa.com.