Child Saving Institute (CSI, is delighted to announce that Jaymes Sime, a true visionary and catalyst for positive change, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 JCI USA Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Award. This recognition underscores Sime’s exceptional accomplishments, unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions to society.

The JCI USA TOYA Award is a distinction bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership, innovation and impact in their respective fields. The selection committee was deeply inspired by Sime’s journey and his commitment to driving meaningful change in our communities.

Sime now serves as the President and CEO of Omaha’s Child Saving Institute, a 131-year-old nonprofit dedicated to assisting children and families in need. He is actively leading CSI through their transformative $46 million “Campaign for Hope,” aimed at enhancing mental health, early childhood education and emergency shelter capacity in Omaha for youth and families. Sime humbly acknowledges that such significant impact is made possible through the dedication of his co-workers and the generosity of the Omaha community.

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