Canopy South ( welcomed Etienne Brock as their newest team member! Etienne, a proud Omaha native, brings her passion for equitable housing to the place she calls home. She believes in uplifting diverse community voices to build neighborhoods where everyone has equal opportunity to education, employment and joy.

Drawing from her experience in assisting individuals experiencing homelessness in Denver, CO, as well as her administrative roles at the Omaha Housing Authority and Omaha Public Schools, Etienne brings a wealth of knowledge to her work at Canopy South.

With a Bachelor’s of Arts in History, specializing in Women and Gender Studies and Latin American Studies from Creighton University, Etienne lays a solid foundation for her pursuit of social change. As a graduate student at the University of Nebraska Omaha, she is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Urban Studies, expanding her expertise in shaping thriving and inclusive urban environments.

In her role as Executive and Project Coordinator, Etienne seamlessly merges her administrative talent with her unwavering dedication to community engagement. Through her dynamic approach, she supports initiatives that bring positive transformation to the lives of individuals and families, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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