Brookestone Meadows ( was honored to have one of their residents featured at DreamWeaver’s Annual Boots and Buckets Fundraiser event on September 21. The event’s main goal was to help make seniors’ dreams come true.

One of their residents’, Walter Sullivan, dream was to attend a Husker’s Football Game. Not only did his dream come true, but he was also recognized for his courage during WWll on the big screen at halftime. Walter was beaming with joy and excitement! In the months leading up to the game, the team from DreamWeaver’s brought game day gear to keep his spirits bright. You could say he had the best day ever!

Following the game, Walter was nominated by his community to be their Resident Council President. Shortly after this accomplishment, he was also named Nebraska Resident of the Year. Every morning, Walter would wake with a smile on his face and greet all his fellow neighbors. He never missed the opportunity to go over everything the day had in store and encouraged those around him to attend the activities and join him in conversation.

Like his role in World War II, Walter took pride in being a fearless leader and was a voice for those who had grown quiet over the years. He represented all that was good and kind and never left anyone behind. Each day, Walter chose to be his best possible self because he knew it would make others’ days brighter.

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