AHA Announces Chairs, Honorary Chairs of 2022 Omaha Heart & Stroke Ball


Heart of Omaha is a year-round campaign that brings the work of the American Heart Association to life, focusing on the mission-critical work being done in the community. It culminates at the Omaha Heart & Stroke Ball in February, where stakeholders can celebrate their impact. As the AHA’s campaign Chairs, Derek and Nicole will focus on increasing access to nutritious foods, chronic disease management, and tobacco cessation as they work alongside the AHA to build a healthier Omaha.

“Nicole and I are proud to stand with the American Heart Association as the Chairs of the 2021-2022 Heart of Omaha campaign,” said Derek Leathers, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Werner Enterprises. “Through education, personal engagement, and awareness, every person in our community can take steps toward living a longer, healthier life.”

Werner Enterprises was founded in 1956 by CL Werner, who sold his family car to buy his first truck. Sixty-five years later, Werner Enterprises is an asset-based logistics provider and one of the five largest truckload carriers in the United States, based in Omaha. In May, CL stepped away from his leadership position in the company and was named chairman emeritus by Werner’s Board of Directors. Derek was appointed chairman, along with his titles of president and CEO.

“We are thrilled to have the Leathers and Werners joining us at the helm of this year’s Heart of Omaha Campaign,” said Chris Shives, executive director of the American Heart Association, Nebraska. “Their passion for our mission and drive for results is an inspiration to our volunteers and supporters, and we are so grateful to have them leading us through this year’s campaign.”

For more information on the American Heart Association’s Heart of Omaha and the Omaha Heart & Stroke Ball, please visit www.heart.org/OmahaHeartBall.