Stephen Center ( is pleased to announce it was awarded an $80,000 grant from United Way of the Midlands. Thanks to the generosity of United Way donors, Stephen Center will continue meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges by providing case management for housing clients to help them achieve their goals.

Stephen Center provides emergency shelter to an average of 75 people every day. These individuals often need help to navigate their way to housing stability. Stephen Center case managers assist clients to set goals, plan and execute steps to achieve success. With the help of this grant, Stephen Center clients will have the support to increase housing stability, increase treatment completion rates, increase measurable income and increase goal achievement toward self-sufficiency and stabilization. In 2022, case management support helped 77 percent of individuals who exited Stephen Center’s emergency shelter programs move to positive housing destinations.

“At Stephen Center, we hope that program participants never stop dreaming. Our job is to help the homeless achieve housing, the addicted achieve sobriety, the sick achieve wellness and the fearful achieve strength. We are grateful for the support of the United Way of the Midlands to help carry out our mission,” Stephen Center Executive Director Michael Wehling said.

Located in South Omaha, Stephen Center serves the homeless, addicted and those with mental health challenges. Learn more at