Santa Monica House to Offer New Level of Care for Women

Santa Monica House ( is fulfilling their vision to offer a complete continuum of care to women by providing long term residential treatment at each level of care. This level of care will be an Intermediate Residential Level 3.1. Women will have a full treatment experience as they step down into lower levels of care, with continued support from their professional staff who empower them to live productively drug and alcohol free. This level of care will be available once sufficient staff is hired. In addition to their existing homes and programs, the new level of care will be able to help women live a life free of addiction.

Founded in 1972, Santa Monica has partnered with over 3,000 women on their journey to recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Reuniting families, reintegrating productive women to the community, and providing exceptional service has been the vision of Santa Monica and continues to be for the future. Santa Monica provides a Halfway House program with a step-down level of care to a ¾ way house and an 11 unit apartment building for women and children. This year, Santa Monica will expand again to complete their continuum of care for women. For more information, visit, or contact Heather Kirk at (402) 558-7088 /