Rejuvenating Women Seeking Year-End Donations to Help End Human Trafficking

Rejuvenating Women ( is seeking help with their quest to end human trafficking in the area by asking for end-of-year donations to bring security and support to those in need. When you give to Rejuvenating Women, your gift helps build a brighter future and safe home for both labor and sex-trafficked survivors. Human trafficking is an insidious industry that brings in nearly $150 billion a year for traffickers and abusers. It is a largely hidden crime, targeting vulnerable adults and exploiting children. You can help put an end to their horrific crimes by donating to Rejuvenating Women and helping them care for trafficked victims. Here are some of the expenses that a donation from you or your organization can help cover:

• $5,000 monthly to operate the Rejuvenating Women home

• $2,500 monthly for four residents to participate in equine therapy

• $1,000 monthly for groceries and medication for four residents

• $500 annually for curriculum and programming supplies for one resident

• $250 monthly for Rejuvenating Women caseworkers’ access to Electronic Medical Records for HIPPA compliance

Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing respite to those trafficked in Nebraska and throughout the country. They aid in the prevention of future human trafficking by providing long- and short-term housing and healing programs for those in recovery. To learn more about Rejuvenating Women or to donate, visit or email info@