Jennie Edmundson Foundation Launches Campaign to Improve Behavioral Health Unit

Jennie Edmundson Foundation ( has launched the 2022 Capital Campaign in support of the Behavioral Health Unit at Methodist Jennie Edmundson (MJE).

Mental health touches everyone, in some form or another. Scott Hartman, chairman of the Jennie Edmundson Foundation Board of Directors, believes quality care can help those suffering from mental illness. His feelings run deep for quality care and quick recovery as he and his family were tragically impacted by the loss of their beloved son to depression in 2019. Hartman strongly feels the environment a patient is in during their treatment has a definite effect on a successful recovery.

While MJE has led the community in providing quality care of behavioral health patients, it is now time to transform their existing space into an exceptional environment that nurtures hope as well as healing. They have embarked on a $750,000 campaign to enhance the services and amenities of the Behavioral Health Unit at MJE. This renovation includes patient rooms, TVs, and education and dining rooms, as well as recreation therapy space, an outdoor garden, and places for families to gather. Designed through the lens of their patients and families, the team also involves experts who specialize in improving health care spaces to ensure the best possible care environment exists.

To learn how you can make a difference, please contact the Jennie Edmundson Foundation at (712) 396-6040. For more information about the campaign to improve behavior health services, visit their website at