Businesses Benefit from Donating Surplus Foods to Saving Grace for Redistribution

More than 50 vendors provide the nutritious perishable food that Saving Grace ( rescues and redistributes to nonprofit agencies for their clients. These food donors provide their surplus fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, prepared, and packaged meals and more to feed the hungry rather than throwing it in the dumpster. Donating perishable food to feed the hungry is easy, and it makes good business sense:

  • Businesses may receive a tax deduction for their donation.
  • Dumpster fees are reduced, as there is less waste.
  • Donating food rather than tossing it supports a business’s sustainability plan.
  • It’s great for engagement, as employees feel good about donating food to feed the hungry rather than throwing it away.
  • The community benefits. Nonprofits receive the food, free of charge, and their clients have access to fresh, healthy foods. Less food in the landfills is good for the environment.

“In our industry, your heart breaks when you have to throw the food away, knowing there are people out there who really need it,” says Jennifer Snow, chef and co-owner of Catering Creations, a food donor since 2014. “Our partnership allows us to give back to our community and help families.”

Saving Grace’s donors include grocery stores, wholesalers, restaurants, convenience stores, event centers, caterers, schools, and other food vendors. Twenty of these businesses have provided their surplus food to Saving Grace for five or more years. Visit and support these businesses that donate food to Saving Grace. Food vendors interested in learning how they can donate their excess perishable food can call (402) 651-0887.