Amplify Arts’ Alternate Currents Program Focuses on Arts and Climate Justice in 2020

Amplify Arts ( Alternate Currents program opens space for conversation, ideation, and action around national and international discussions in the arts that have a profound impact at the local level. Since its launch in July 2019, Alternate Currents program has explored topics such as Arts and Economic Growth, Arts and Urban Development, and Arts and Labor. Blog posts in 2020 are being sponsored by Verdis Group and will focus on issues and solutions at the cross section of the Arts and Climate Justice. The most recent entry, Before Parks by 2019 Artist Support Grant recipient Corson Androski, explores photography, conservation, and colonialism through the lens of the often glorified history of America’s National Parks. New content is added regularly and the public is encouraged to add their voice to the discussion in the comments section.

Amplify Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes unity, innovation, and progress in the arts to build strong and vibrant communities. Contact Program Director Peter Fankhauser at with questions about Alternate Currents or visit to view the blog, where you will find essays, interviews, panel discussions, and more.