Leading Omaha tech nonprofit AIM Institute’s (aiminstitute.org) annual Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) has been the premier software development conference for tech professionals for over 15 years, providing world-class content to the Silicon Prairie developer community. Hosted by leading Omaha tech nonprofit AIM Institute, the annual Heartland Developers Conference will be held at the CHI Health Center on October 23-24.

Registration is now open to attend the 2023 Heartland Developers Conference at hdc.aiminstitute.org. A ticket is required to attend and is free to currently-enrolled college students. Individuals interested in speaking at HDC can complete the online request form on the HDC website.

As the premier software development conference for tech professionals, the event will provide attendees with an immersive experience including keynote speakers, breakout sessions, an exhibitor hall and numerous networking opportunities.

A highly technical event, the conference attracts skilled individuals who are leading the industry forward. For two days, experts share the latest knowledge and demonstrate new techniques that build an understanding of the latest trends. Industry-leading experts will share insights on specified breakout topics.

For 30 years, Omaha-based AIM Institute has been the region’s leading nonprofit dedicated to growing a strong and diverse tech talent community and it remains committed to educating and inspiring individuals of all ages with innovative, effective programing and outreach initiatives. If you have questions, contact AIM at (402) 979-8324 or info@aiminstitute.org. More information can be found at aiminstitute.org.