NALA Recaps 2021, Celebrates a Successful Year of Animal Rescue

NALA ( is proud to announce that in 2021, they took in 293 dogs and puppies, as well as 472 cats and kittens, for a total of 767 animals!

“We could never accomplish this without all of the amazing volunteers, fosters, and transporters,” shared Dawn Chandler, NALA volunteer. “It takes a village, and NALA is very proud of our village.”

If you would like to learn more about NALA and their mission, you can visit them at Westside High School for the Spring Craft Fair on Saturday, March 26. While there will not be any animals at this event, they will have Pam’s famous tug toys, snuffle mats, and snuffle balls. For those interested in seeing NALA’s animals, they have cats at PetSmart in Oak View Mall at 3103 Oak View Dr. and PetSmart at 715 S 72nd St.

NALA is a 100% volunteer based animal rescue organization, and all rescued animals live in loving foster homes until they are ready to be adopted. When you donate to NALA, 100% of your contribution goes to the organization’s purpose, whether that’s medical care, medications, food, litter boxes, or more that is needed to take care of the animals. To learn more about the organization, visit,, or contact NALA at (402) 714-6580 /