T7 Fitness is excited to announce that they are now offering Athletic Standard Index (ASI) Testing for Athletes

What is the ASI score?

-It is the ACT/SAT score measuring athletic ability for male and female athletes.
-It gives athletes opportunity to rate themselves athletically on the national level.
-It can evaluate athletes as young as 1st grade up through 12th grade.
-It gives parents/coaches the ability to track the child’s/athlete’s growth rate on a yearly basis.
-It calculates scores utilizing athletes’ height, weight, wingspan, shoe size, 10 yd. dash, Pro-Agility (5-10-5), and vertical jump.

Athletes with the highest ASI scores have the most potential to be recruited; Division I athletes’ ASI scores are generally:

Females:  Soccer: 900+, Basketball:  1000+, Volleyball:  1000+

Males:  Football:  1350+, Basketball:  1100+, Baseball:  1100+

ASI Testing is administered by Troy Watchorn, a functional movement specialist with more than 10 years of coaching experience with youth and Division I athletes.

What is your athlete’s ASI Score?

To find out, contact Troy Watchorn at t7fitness@gmail.com or (402) 350-5178 today! For more information about T7 Fitness, visit www.t7fitness.com.