Specialized Physical Therapy (SPT) is pleased to announce that they are now utilizing the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill as a part of their treatment options.   This treadmill is used for many different types of patients, including athletes, who have had recent surgeries (such as knee replacement), are suffering from arthritis, or are seeking a safe, comfortable and effective way to exercise with less impact.  Patients wear special shorts that zip into the treadmill’s plastic casing which fills with compressed air and then the body weight can be decreased in 1% increments—allowing you to rehab or exercise and lose weight while bearing as little as 20% of your body weight.  By only gradually increasing the amount of weight being put on the legs, patients can rehab earlier and faster than with traditional therapy.  Using three strategically placed cameras, the therapists at SPT can also monitor the gait pattern to determine if a patient will need certain additional treatments.  Until recently, the AlterG was primarily available for use by Olympic and professional athletes, but is now available and can benefit everyone.  A physician’s referral is not necessary to use the AlterG for training/exercise, and most insurance plans cover this treatment when it is used for rehab.  For more information, please contact Jeff or Jacque Zimmerman at specializedpt@cox.net, or visit www.PTomaha.com to learn more.