Nebraska Health Imaging has upgraded its MRI equipment to the Hitachi Oasis High-Field Open.  The Oasis system combines “high field” technology required by referring physicians with an “Open” design preferred by patients.  No other center in Omaha, including hospital based providers, offers this technology.

The Oasis was Hitachi’s response to the growing demand of patients for comfort during MRI exams.  The Oasis provides patients with an unobstructed, 270˚ view during their exam which minimizes their anxiety and claustrophobia.  Oasis technology further allows the patient to have a loved one or friend nearby during the exam for additional reassurance.  Additional information on Hitachi and the Hitachi Oasis MRI system can be found at and

Nebraska Health Imaging has invested in the new Oasis MR system to offer physicians and the Omaha community access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques currently available in the market.  High quality imaging combined with exceptional patient care, both delivered at a lower cost, allows Nebraska Health Imaging to stand out as the smart choice for both physicians and patients.

Located at 78th & Dodge in Omaha, Nebraska Health Imaging also offers CT, ultrasound and bone density services.  For more information about Nebraska Health Imaging or to schedule a diagnostic imaging test, please call (402) 384 – 8882 or visit