Home Nursing With Heart Announces Awards

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Home Nursing with Heart, a local rehabilitation and skilled nursing company, is proud to announce that Betsy Hofman has been named Employee of the Year.

Home Nursing with Heart’s employee of the year award recognizes employees that make exceptional contributions through outstanding leadership to the company’s mission. Betsy consistently displays dedication, loyalty to her job, and a clear desire to fulfill the goals of the company.

Home Nursing With Heart was also recently honored with the “Best of the Big-O” award in the Physical Therapy category for Health Services. Julie Laughlin, President and CEO for the company, stated, “We couldn’t have won this without the superior leadership of Betsy Hofman and this is why she was presented with our Employee of the Year award. Superior therapy outcomes, consistent patient satisfaction, and employee engagement are what we strive for as an organization. Betsy has the entire team aligned to drive satisfaction through positive interactions and we’re grateful to have each and every one of our therapists at Home Nursing with Heart.”

The therapy team at Home Nursing With Heart specializes in treating orthopedic, cardiac, respiratory, and transplant patients that require post-surgery rehabilitation in the home. The company has earned a superior reputation in the industry for healing and rehabilitating the most incapacitated patients requiring the highest level of cares available to them.  For more information, email Jim Laughlin at Jim@NursingWithHeart.com or call (402) 614-4622.

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