With a child who has special needs, Pediatric Dental Specialists (PDS) (www.mypediatricdentalspecialists.com) understand the importance of making sure they get the best care from a dental team trained and experienced in accommodating these needs. PDS treats all children, with the goal of providing all children with the best care.

While those with special needs won’t necessarily have different dental care needs, the method in which that care is given will need to be different. You know your child better than anyone else, which is why PDS partners with you to learn about your child and their specific needs to create a customized treatment plan and approach just for them. PDS is your specially trained dental team in Omaha, providing care to those with sensory processing disorders, autism, disabilities and special health needs.

Pediatric Dental Specialists is currently accepting new patients. Early dental care is essential in creating and maintaining ideal oral health in children. Equally important is the continuity of that care, which is why parents seek a dental office “home” where children can receive routine evaluations, cleanings and any other treatments that keep their smiles healthy.

At Pediatric Dental Specialists, they strive to be a lifelong partner in dental care for families. They aim to create positive dental habits in children that will last a lifetime so they can grow up to have healthy teeth and healthy lives. For more information and each location’s contact information, go to www.mypediatricdentalspecialists.com.