Outlook Enrichment Launches Vision Beyond Sight in the Dark Series

Outlook Enrichment (outlooken.org/vbs) is celebrating Blindness Awareness Month in a new way this year, with Vision Beyond Sight events—including Dessert in the Dark, Happy Hour in the Dark, and Dine in the Dark—to help bring services and a message of hope to people with vision conditions. Given the current uncertainties, Outlook Enrichment chose to celebrate the capabilities of their neighbors who are low-vision and blind through these new events. Sponsorship opportunities are still available to help raise money for the cause while everyone enjoys a little much-needed celebration in their lives.

Dessert in the Dark gives you everything you need to host an engaging experience for family and friends and to learn more about blindness. Reserve your Dessert in the Dark to-Go experience at outlooken.org/vbs. Or you might choose to celebrate with the folks at Outlook Enrichment for Happy Hour in the Dark. You’ll get a chance to enjoy some delectable nibbles, meet some incredible people, and hear their stories of personal success, see adaptive technology firsthand, enjoy some special musical entertainment, and have some down-to-earth fun.

If you really want to get hands-on with the experience, you’ll want to choose the Dine in the Dark event, Outlook Enrichment’s sensory Dining Experience. You’ll enjoy an exclusive five-course tasting menu prepared by Chef Anthony of Dolce. The twist? You’ll wear a sleep shade throughout the event! For more information or to purchase your tickets for the fundraiser, visit outlooken.org/vbs or call (531) 365-5342.