Omaha Lace Cleaners ( is celebrating 101 years as Omaha’s most unique dry cleaners, specializing in wedding gown preservation and high-end dry-cleaning services. Omaha Lace has been the benchmark in the care of delicate luxury items for a century. It carries on that same quality garment care today in its original location in the heart of Omaha.

Through the years, Omaha Lace Cleaners has earned the reputation as Nebraska’s go-to wedding gown care provider, including heirloom gown restoration, preservation and cleaning, recommended by high-end bridal salons throughout the state, and both bridal magazine and newspaper’s go-to expert in wedding gown care.

In Kermit’s continual efforts to expand the services offered by Omaha Lace Cleaners, a bridal gown alteration service was added in 2010, offering private fittings and expert alterations by Kimberly Wehrbein at the West Omaha Location. More recently, a bridal studio offering full-service onsite bridal alterations was added to the flagship Omaha Lace Cleaners location, allowing this location to provide all wedding gown services in one place.

Although this Omaha landmark has gone through many owners and changes through the years, the commitment to quality garment care has not. Omaha Lace Cleaners understands that each piece – whether a wedding dress, designer shirt or grandmother’s tablecloth – deserves to be treated with the utmost care.

You can learn more about the history and services offered by Omaha Lace Cleaners at or Also check out their Instragram (@omahalace) and Facebook (@omahalacecleaners).