No Coast Business Advisors Releases New Book “Exit Lever”

Jeff Dousharm and Jethro Hopkins of No Coast Business Advisors ( officially released their first of many books on December 12, 2018. The book is titled: Exit Lever: How Smart Business Owners & Buyers Avoid The 10 Mistakes That Ruin the Sales of Businesses. These are the words that drove Authors Jeff and Jethro to write this book. They were frustrated by seeing so many good business owners (sellers) and buyers get deals ruined when it comes to the sale of a business. As a result, Jeff and Jethro made a commitment to do two things: Expand and train more brokers to serve others, and write Exit Lever so they can save more people from mistakes that are wasting both time and money!

Jeff and Jethro aren’t just business brokers, they have started (or acquired), scaled, and sold millions of dollars of their own businesses. What that really means is that the experiences they share are from more than just theory or operating as business brokers. They have been through the challenges, headaches, and trials that real business owners and entrepreneurs have also faced.

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