Construction Inclusion Week aims to foster a more inclusive and equitable construction sector by promoting diversity across all aspects of the industry, from the workforce to leadership roles. NAWIC Greater Omaha Chapter #116 ( fully aligns with the core values of this initiative and is committed to furthering its goals.

As an organization that has been advocating for women’s participation and leadership in the construction industry for decades, NAWIC Greater Omaha Chapter #116 recognizes the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion within the sector. The chapter’s members are dedicated to breaking down barriers, inspiring change and creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender, race or background.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Greater Omaha Chapter #116 is dedicated to promoting the advancement and employment of women in the construction industry. With a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion, the chapter works tirelessly to support women in all aspects of construction, from tradeswomen to leadership roles. For more information, visit