Insurance Advisors Offers New Free Medicare Prep Kit for Seniors Transitioning

Omaha Insurance Advisors Owner Lisa Wilsey announced a new free Medicare Prep Kit for individuals who are 65+ and preparing to retire from their jobs. The kits will include everything that you need to make your transition to Medicare. Lisa will give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about getting Medicare benefits, and she can make wading through the paperwork to file for them a breeze.

“Filing for Medicare can be an overwhelming experience for even the most astute and technologically minded individuals out there,” Lisa said. “We keep up with this information every day, and we want to do everything in our power to help people navigate the process and feel comfortable that they’ve crossed all their t’s and dotted all their i’s.”

Insurance Advisors works directly with anyone interested in accessing Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, D plans, Medicare Part B enrollment, Affordable Care coverage, life insurance, dental insurance, cancer plans, spend-downs, Medicaid support, and more. For more information about Insurance Advisors in Omaha or to order your free Medicare Prep Kit, contact Lisa Wilsey at (402) 955-9233.