Heavenly Arms Learning Center (letsgetreadytolearn.com) is excited to accept new enrollments for children in need of overnight stays as well as children ages six weeks to four years.

Owner Mrs. Shyla optimizes learning through her handcrafted curriculum. She and her exceptional teaching team create unique lesson plans that gently challenge your child and address their areas of weakness. They are excited to now start working with children as young as six weeks, hoping they can help your child gain confidence and intelligence earlier than with traditional education systems.

The first years of life are the most important and are known to influence the rest of your child’s life. Your child’s caretakers will talk with your child, explain the world to them and read them stories, helping boost early brain growth.

Heavenly Arms Learning Center supports non-traditional schedules with extra early hours and other options, offers a handcrafted curriculum, prioritizes safety, provides parenting classes to give expert guidance on what’s best for your little one, provides hot and nutritious meals at no extra cost, offers playground time for the kids and participates in field trips and outdoor adventures to expose your child to new possibilities. For more information, visit letsgetreadytolearn.com.