Fuelwood Energy Plant Visitor Gallery Unveiled at Lied Lodge & Conference Center

The Arbor Day Foundation has announced the completion of educational exhibits located in the Visitor Gallery of the Fuelwood Energy Plant located on the grounds of Lied Lodge & Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm. The exhibits explain and interpret the process used in the plant for turning trees into energy as well as highlight the importance of biomass. Visitors can also watch as woodchips are moved through the Fuelwood Energy Plant and converted to steam that provides hot water (for lodging rooms, kitchen and indoor pool) and room heating and air conditioning for 120,000 square feet at Lied Lodge Conference Center. The exhibit was funded by The Nebraska Environmental Trust as part of Lied Lodge’s $9.5 million dollar renewal.

The support provided by The Nebraska Environmental trust was used as support for the renewed signage, demonstration, amplification and refurbishment of the space around the gallery to fully reflect the innovations that have happened in biomass and other renewable energies since it was first complete. A key feature at the Lied Lodge Fuelwood Energy Plant is a viewing gallery, easily accessible from the Conference Center and from which visitors can observe the operation of the 4,224-square-foot plant. The trust is funded by proceeds from the Nebraska Lottery and has awarded more than $245 million to more than 1,900 conservations projects across the state of Nebraska since 1994.

The Fuelwood Energy Plant Visitor Gallery project completes phase three of the renewal of Lied Lodge. Built by the Arbor Day Foundation in 1993, Lied Lodge & Conference Center is a full-service meeting facility situated at Arbor Day Farm, a 260-acre National Historic Landmark and the original estate of J. Sterling Morton, the Founder of Arbor Day in 1872.