Ellie Mental Health (lliementalhealth.com/locations/omaha-west-maple-ne), the mental health franchise that is rapidly expanding across the nation, has announced the opening of the brand’s first location in Nebraska. Local entrepreneurs and husband-and-wife-duo, Matt Dennis and Brooke Steppat, will help bring Ellie Mental Health’s much-needed services to the Omaha community for the first time. The duo hopes their new location will make mental health services in Omaha more locally available. The new clinic is located off West Maple Rd. at 3803 N 153rd St. Ste. 200.

Ellie Mental Health offers a professional and welcoming aesthetic, making clients feel right at home. This location is also one of the few counseling offices in northwest Omaha. With the boom in Omaha’s residential growth over the years, Ellie Mental Health saw an opportunity to bring the brand’s much-needed services to a community with few locally available mental health clinics.

Ellie is changing the culture of mental health by making quality therapy more accessible and approachable. Ellie remains committed to providing therapy for individuals and families, couples counseling, trauma-informed/EMDR and other community-based mental health services. Ellie takes pride in being professionally equipped to handle a variety of mental health needs for the local community. Clients joining Ellie can expect to find a therapist they connect with through the brand’s one-of-a-kind “Ellie Match Tool.”

For more information about Ellie Mental Health or to schedule an appointment, call (402) 674-6957 or visit elliementalhealth.com/locations/omaha-west-maple-ne.