Brookestone Meadows ( was honored to host Jack and Eldora Vetter as they made their rounds to Brookestone Meadows for their founders tour. Residents, family members and team members were all invited to enjoy stories from the founders, food and good times together. They are so proud to be a Vetter Community.

With the purchase of their first facility in 1975, Jack and Eldora Vetter began a tradition of care that has endured through the years as a respected example of excellence to many others in the profession. From the beginning, Jack and Eldora stressed that one thing matters most: relationships.

Brookestone Meadows is a member of the Vetter Senior Living family; a nonprofit company based in Elkhorn. Vetter Senior Living owns and operates 32 senior living facilities in the Midwest. Vetter Senior Living is passionate about providing quality life and quality care for seniors. Their mission is dignity in life, and it is at the heart of everything they do. They believe their unwavering commitment to excellence will allow them to change the view of long-term care.

Brookestone Meadows is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors needing short-term rehabilitation or long-term care. You’ll find a culture of rehabilitation and overall improvement of health. Short-term rehabilitation patients are served by team members trained to meet their unique and specialized needs. Their long-term care services provide quality care and dignity in life. Learn more at or contact (402) 289-2696 /