Blingle! ( Omaha is a customer service-obsessed team here to serve their clients’ premier lighting needs in landscape lighting, holiday lighting, permanent lighting, event lighting and commercial lighting. From education to installation, their professionalism and commitment to providing a superior outcome is what differentiates them in the market. Blingle’s passion is to display creativity and expertise in the lighting designs that clients want to see come to life.

  • Blingle! Holiday Lighting offers a full-service rental experience that includes design, installation, maintenance, take down and storage.
  • Blingle! Landscape Lighting provides lighting for all your outdoor needs in patio, deck, porches, gazebos, pools, bar/restaurant outdoor spaces, uplighting and pathway lights.
  • Blingle! Permanent Lighting offers one installation and you have hands free year round lighting built for any occasion.
  • Blingle! Event Lighting covers lighting décor for any event from weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, corporate parties and graduations.

Franchise founders, owners and partners Mike Marlow and Taylor Olberding brought Blingle! to Omaha to provide creative lighting solutions for any space. Learn more about them and their services at or contact them at (402) 933-1985 /