In honor of the Fourth of July, Aradius Group’s ( Omaha crew got together to participate in the Inaugural Independence Day Smoke Master Cookout Contest. When all the pulled pork had been eaten and the votes had been tallied, the winner was Andrew Schouveller! Aradius Group sends thanks to Mike Perez for an amazing cookout, and to everyone who contributed to make fur such a fun day.

Aradius Group, formerly known as Omaha Print, has been a leader in the printing industry for 165 years and is based out of Omaha. They offer envelope printing, campaign consulting and even five solutions targeted to help you hit your direct mail and marketing goals.

From 1858 to 2023, many things about Aradius Group have changed, but one thing that hasn’t is their goal to keep their customers at the center of everything. Whether it is their commitment to quality, helping customers understand complex processes or even help customers reach more people. Aradius Group is proud and honored to celebrate 165 years in business. To learn more, visit or call (402) 734-4400.