ActionCOACH ExcelEDGE ( is excited to offer a 12-week sales program. It will consists of 12 one-hour weekly sessions that will help you improve the management of your marketing and sales funnel.

Before you start your marketing funnel, you must first identify your target, your offer to that target and where to find them in high quantities. Then, there are specific steps within your funnel that should move a prospect closer and closer to you, one step at a time. To make sure you are managing your sales funnel, take these following action steps:

  1. Identify the steps of your sales funnel.
  2. Make sure that your sales steps match your target market’s buying steps.
  3. Decide your “moment of truth” in your funnel.
  4. Create a simple system that can chart the prospects and precisely where they are in the sale process.
  5. Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPII) to measure your conversion rate.
  6. Create a fool proof system for your sales process.

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