Angels Among Us ( provides grab and go bags to all pediatric cancer families that come to Nebraska Medicine or Children’s Hospital. These bags include toiletry items, notebook, pens, water bottles and a binder with all pertinent information the family now needs to care for their child with cancer. They do this as a way to provide comfort and support to the family in their hardest of moments. To assist in supplying these bags, Angels Among Us often turns to the community for the items needed.

To help Angels Among Us continue this valuable and needed support for families caring for children with cancer, go to

Over the last 15 years, Angels Among Us has helped over 600 families with expenses totaling more than $3 million. But most importantly, they have helped over 600 families read bedtime stories and play board games without the all-consuming worry of paying bills such as rent, electric, auto payments, gas cards and more.

Angels Among Us provides financial and emotional support to families that have a child battling cancer that lives in or is being treated in the state of Nebraska. They are able to support and pay these bills for the length of time that the child goes through cancer treatment (anywhere from 6-36 months). For more information, reach out to Amy Kent at (402) 934-0999 / or visit