Somehow it’s already October and, just like that, we’re getting ready to turn the page on 2022. While many people dub October “spooky season” because of Halloween, I think the scariest thing about this month is the realization of another year coming to an end and just how fast time flies by. This awareness reminds me to ask myself, am I making the most of the time I have? I’m sure this a question many of you ask yourself regularly as well. A quote by William Penn comes to mind: “Time is what we want the most, but what we use worst.”

Obviously, as a small business owner, my days and years are heavily consumed by my work. Being a business owner has been the most challenging and sacrificial endeavor of my life. I missed out on a lot of moments in my two sons’ lives as they were growing up. I was focused on growing the magazine and keeping it above water, which is a never-ending pursuit, even after 29 years in business.

However, even through all of the ups and downs of it all, I’m content knowing that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m passionate about. I’ve also come to realize more and more that, even though I’m proud of the impact and legacy that Strictly Business is creating, at the end of the day it’s about the relationships it cultivates. In my own life, what’s most important is my family and friends. The people we touch in our lives is what gives our life its purpose.

Strictly Business is designed to bring people together. We want to be more than just a business magazine or local news source, we want to be a partner to our clients and a connector in the community.

I believe that what our advertisers appreciate the most about Strictly Business is not only that the advertising itself works, but our team is working FOR THEM. We’re here to tell your story, lift up your business or organization, and help you grow in the process. We do this by communicating with our clients every month and really getting to know their brand identity so that we can do the majority of the legwork for them—from design services to professional writing—and we do all of this without charging extra around every corner. Our clients pay for advertising space in the magazine, then right then and there they become our partner, and a partnership with Strictly Business means we are here to work for you.

So while it’s a little scary to think about how fast time can pass us by, there isn’t anything scary about partnering with Strictly Business. Please connect with me if you want to learn more about all of the value we offer our clients, in print, online, on social media, and so many other ways.

Enjoy the time you have! Especially with the holidays upon on, take a moment to be grateful and present with the people who matter most. Remember, we work so that we can enjoy our lives—our lives should not be dictated by our work. When your work and your life can exist in harmony with each other and you experience enjoyment and fulfillment from both, you’re doing it right.