A new year brings new opportunities, new beginnings, and the possibility of change. Things in our office have been changing quite a bit recently, but I find that exciting. Change isn’t always a bad thing, and the opportunity to improve is always something to strive for. No matter what your plans are for the year, we hope 2023 brings you success, happiness, and lasting memories.

In regards to the New Year, we all put together our own resolutions for 2023!

This year I want to focus on embracing the changes we’ve made, and empowering my team to continue growing and learning their role at Strictly Business. I want to help each of them reach their full and maximum potential and embrace all of the incredible talents they bring to the office.

On the personal side, I have two resolutions. The first is to travel more. I think we all wish we had more time to see the world, and I want to make sure I’m taking every opportunity I’m given to see a new place or spend time somewhere I love. My other resolution is something I think everyone can take with them into 2023. Gratitude. This year I want to take more time to show my friends and family how much I appreciate them and everything they do. It’s always wonderful to make someone feel appreciated.

Cemre: Resolutions always seem to slip away after about a week, so this year my main resolution is to keep working on my resolutions. This year I want to learn more new recipes, keep up with self-care, lower my screen time, and visit more restaurants in Lincoln. My husband and I just moved here in July so there are a ton of places we have yet to hit! If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Overall, I am looking forward to starting a new year with the Strictly Business team.

Tessa: I can’t believe we are at the beginning of a new year. These past few months working at Strictly Business have flown by and I am so excited for 2023. My resolutions this year are pretty basic. I want to cook more at home, get more exercise in, and read more books. I have a habit of buying books, but haven’t quite got around to the reading part. My sisters also got me a beginner guitar and guitar lessons for Christmas, so learning how to play the guitar will be a great hobby this year.

Abby: My New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are to take more time to read books and start a journal to learn more about myself and become more connected with myself. Journaling is a great way to process emotions and situations in your day to day life that may get swept under the rug usually. On the physical health side, I would like to go to the gym and get more exercise. That always seems to be on the top of everyone’s list at the beginning of the year but I hope to stick with it!

Derek: I usually avoid making New Year’s resolutions because I have a tendency to create unachievable goals. This year though, I believe that I’m in a better place to make goals that I can reach. My first would be to dedicate five hours a week to doing hobbies that I’ve cast aside because scrolling on my phone is less effort. I miss reading fiction, painting, drawing, and being outdoors. My grandmother was also recently diagnosed with dementia and that has shifted my focus towards cherishing the time I still have left with her and my other elderly family members. Between getting started in my career and settling into married life, it’s been a tough balance to strike, but making time for those family members is important to me. My last goal would be to expand my graphic design knowledge – whether that’s by taking classes locally, watching YouTube videos, or collaborating with other designers. In this field, you either adapt and grow, or you become stagnant. In a sense, that’s how I’m approaching all of my goals in 2023.

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