Workplace Wellness in Omaha – March 2021

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An increasing percentage of employers across the country are adopting workplace wellness programs because research shows that, when done correctly, they effectively improve the health of employees, which, in turn, increases employee productivity. Workplace wellness programs also have been shown to reduce the number of reported workplace accidents resulting from overweight, tired, out-of-shape, stressed, and sleep-deprived workers. These programs also help reduce absenteeism by as much as 40% because employees are healthier, and they lower healthcare costs absorbed by employers and improve the corporate culture, allowing business owners to attract and retain top-notch employees. In fact, a recent Harvard University research study by economics professors found that every dollar employees invest in workplace wellness programs returns an estimated $3.27 in medical costs and a decrease of $2.73 in absentee-day costs.

10-Week Transformation

One of the hottest trends in workplace wellness is to hire wellness coordinators and coaches, either as additional employees or as contractors. Human-resource professionals are simply too busy to provide these services, but they understand the importance they deliver in terms of employee support, improvement, productivity, loyalty, and the bottom line. That’s where 365DailyHustle ( comes in. Companies of all sizes can hire Founder and Owner Karissa Adkins to help men and women overcome their weight-loss battles and self-sabotaging habits.

Karissa Williams

“We cover all of the topics that are important to workplace wellness,” Karissa said. “When employees are happy and thriving in their personal lives, they step up in their workplace with a sense of balance.”
Karissa’s Reclaim Your Best Life 10-week Transformational Program combines all of her years of coaching, personal experience, and expertise into a fun online open coaching format that anyone can do from the comfort of their own homes. Reclaim Your Best Life includes eight live group Q&A coaching sessions, four VIP Mindset coaching sessions, and a 90-minute subconscious breakthrough session—plus unlimited access to video lessons and modules covering: Motivation, Vision, and Goals; Nutrition and Intuitive Eating; Exercise and Movement; Stress and Relaxation; Healthy Gut Healthy Life; Building a Morning and Nighttime Routine; Life-Work Brilliance; and Self Care.

“What I’ve added recently and am so excited for is the 90-minute subconscious breakthrough session,” Karissa said. “If you don’t address the root of the problem of why you don’t feel worthy to show up for yourself, you’ll always be on this path. Exploring the deep subconscious is crucial to keeping things going long-term.”

Mental Health Support

The COVID pandemic has triggered and exacerbated mental-health conditions across the country, and the 2021 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report reports that an estimated 88% of employers are increasing their investment in mental-health programs for their employees, while 81% are investing more in stress management and resilience programs, and 69% are initiating mindfulness and meditation programs. A Better Way Therapy ( in Omaha has therapists with different specialties, so they can help with just about every mental health issue.


Bruce Hugunin

“We all need to support all of the members of our community and recognize that mental health is a part of it,” said Executive Director Bruce Hugunin. “It is hard to find any family who hasn’t had mental-health issues affect someone in their family. There is a big need for treatment services in the Omaha and surrounding communities, and with COVID-19 and the recent election, we have seen a spike in anxieties, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse.”

A Better Way Therapy can help employees deal with their mental-health issues and find ways to move forward with life, even if that means it is different than it was in the past. They try to help clients learn how to stay safe and still find things they enjoy doing, as well as looking forward to a bright future. The support they get from therapists can show employees in need the way to be happier and more fulfilled, which helps improve productivity and your bottom line.

Gone are the days that the health and wellness of your workforce holds little responsibility for employers. We highly recommend 365DailyHustle and A Better Way Therapy as professional local companies that can help you achieve a healthy, happy workforce and maximized production.

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