Human bodies are uniquely formed by gender, which means that both men and women already have a different set of health concerns simply based upon their biology.  Women’s health, as many are already aware, is a diverse collection of medical knowledge and collective life experiences that serves to keep women healthy and happy, no matter what age, ethnicity, profession, or medical history.  As with any area of medical science, this requires proper care, preventative maintenance and education throughout all life stages to be effective.

For most women, healthy and flawless skin is at the top of the list when it comes to appearance.  BodyBrite offers services for all women (and men too!), regardless of age or skin type—which are all factors that contribute to their treatment approach.  Their innovative treatments and professional staff of certified clinical technicians will replenish and renew your whole being, and you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do it.  Micki Malone, owner of the West Omaha BodyBrite location, says that all services are available to both men and women; however, women are usually more interested in their hair removal and skin rejuvenation services.  More specifically, a very popular service among women is their oxygen facials because they experience the similar benefits of Botox with a non-invasive alternative that is 100% safe.  Additionally, all services are offered at a low flat rate that are high-quality yet affordable.  This ensures that all women, regardless of economic standing, have access to services that enhance their health and beauty.  One example is that BodyBrite makes hair removal services with permanent results an affordable service with easily obtainable results, where previously it was considered a  procedure that required investing a lot of time and money with no guaranteed results.  Now there is no need to continue making those painful waxing appointments month after month!  Also, their Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is more versatile in treating a broad range of skin types and hair colors, delivering more effective, long-term and painless results on all body areas.  You can check out BodyBrite on Facebook or their website at to learn more about their monthly specials including the Grand Opening Special, where the first 100 customers will receive 50% off their first hair removal or skin rejuvenation session on one zone!

Osteoporosis has been affecting women far before it was on the radar of medical professionals.  Frailty, hunched over progression, or back pain historically were not considered symptoms of bone deterioration, but were things that older women had to accept as their aging process.  We are now living in a time where women and girls can take steps to easily avoid such ailments, as osteoporosis is largely preventable.  The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports that osteoporosis threatens 44 million Americans, and 68% of those affected are women.  It is never too late to keep bones strong, and research suggests the earlier in life the better.  Our bodies are building up most of our bone mass until we are approximately 30 years old, and then new bone stops forming and our bodies focus on maintenance of the existing bone structure that has been built up until that time.  This means that your body will do what it can to repair any bone damage suffered, but you have to provide the tools.  Two of the most successful tools are adequate calcium consumption and weight-bearing physical activity.  Many women are apprehensive about weight training in their fitness routine because they want to maintain their figure and like to be toned, not ripped.  Simply incorporating any type of resistance training once or twice a week can reduce your risk for osteoporosis.  Risk factors for osteoporosis, other than being female, include increasing age, smaller or thin-boned frame, ethnicity, family history, anorexia, diets that are low in calcium and vitamin D, use of certain medications, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Comfort Keepers of Omaha/Council Bluffs offers in-home services to help seniors and others remain safe and independent at home.  In the United States, the majority of family and friend caregivers are women.  As a State Licensed Home care Agency, Comfort Keepers closely mirrors this reality.   Their 120+ caregivers, comprised primarily of Companions and Certified Nursing Assistants, provide services including bathing, grooming, transportation, light housekeeping, respite and more.  Because Comfort Keeper’s caregivers are mostly women (our male Comfort Keepers are wonderful, too!), the Comfort Keepers business model is designed specifically to meet women’s needs.  Following hands-on training and orientation, their caregivers receive additional coaching and continuing education in the comfort of their own homes.  Comfort Keepers has a proprietary tutorial with literally hundreds of modules on dementia, medical ethics, disease processes, aging and end-of-life care.  Schedules and agency updates are also online.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to helping seniors in their own homes.  For our caregivers, the ease and ability to stay informed and learn state-of-the-art techniques online preserves both time and resources.  Our Registered Nurses are always there to supervise and mentor, so Comfort Keepers is a win-win for all.  Rick and Denise Magill, owners of Comfort Keepers since 2002, have uniquely designed systems and schedules that create flexible and family-friendly options for all of our caregivers. The result is a staff of individuals who have a voice; including when, where and how often they work.  Unlike traditional jobs, our caregivers have the option to say “yes” or “no” as the schedule is created.   Rick and Denise know the importance of providing quality care for seniors, and happy caregivers are the key.  Our caregivers often become “like family” to the seniors we serve.  Again, everyone wins!  If you are interested being a Comfort Keeper, or if you are in need of a Comfort Keeper, give us a call.  Someone will answer the phone 24 hours of the day, and chances are good that it will be a woman on the other end asking “How can we help?”

It is very important for women to take a pro-active role in their own health as well as our society supporting the collective health issues that impact all women.  Awareness is vitally important, and the more we know the more we can share with others in order to influence better outcomes against many of these health issues.  Though it may not always be the solution, preventative care measures should always be your first method of defense.  Know your risk factors, and do what you can to minimize them.  Staying active and eating healthier are two ways that you can reduce your risk factors for most any condition.  In the morning, try to expose yourself to sunlight as soon as you wake up.  This helps jumpstart your production of Seratonin, a brain chemical that tells your body all is well.  Sunlight is also a great natural source of Vitamin D.  Also, drink plenty of water and add in some fresh fruit to infuse your water with a great flavor with the added nutrient benefits.  It may sound too simple, but staying positive is important for maintaining good health.  Negative emotions are also physically damaging to your body and trigger the production of Cortisol, which is a chemical that depresses the immune system, attacks lean muscle tissue and negatively affects blood sugar levels.  Use whatever method works to eliminate negativity, whether it is deep breathing, laughter, listening to music that you like, or visualizing something that makes you happy.  Getting enough sleep can not only help you live longer, but also sharpens your memory, lowers your stress, and reduces food cravings during the day.  Sometimes after a long day at the office, it feels like you have no time to unwind and in turn you stay up later doing things that you think will nourish this lack of relaxation.  Lack of sleep and an inconsistent bedtime really do put a strain on your system, so set a time to go to bed and stick to it as often as possible.

Women’s health is an important topic, and we can all benefit from a greater understanding of issues and diseases that are gender specific in nature.  Women often assume the role of caretaker for others, while neglecting themselves and their own health and wellness for the benefit of those around them, or to live up to society’s pressures.  Additionally, we are learning more every day about how we are alike and different based simply on gender; while women have many of the same diseases as men their symptoms and treatments may not always be the same.  A woman’s health relies on her total well-being, and is not determined solely by biological factors and reproduction, but also by the effects of other factors such as work load, nutrition, stress, and activity level.  Basic health care, family planning, obstetric and counseling services are essential, and should be available, to all women.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy; but it IS a fundamental part of leading a happy, productive and long life.