Women’s Health in Omaha – May 2021

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13.4% of women ages 18 and older are in fair or poor health. National Women’s Health Week begins each Mother’s Day, with the 21st annual event this year running May 9-15. The week is focused on encouraging women to consider all of the factors that affect their physical, emotional, and mental health, understand the importance of each and every one, and remind them to make their health a priority in their lives. Frankly, we believe that Women’s Health Week should be every week, and we wanted to share some tips and treasured information from local women’s health experts to mark the unique challenges and opportunities that women face to maintain overall health every day.

Some of the crucial pieces of women’s healthcare include staying active, eating healthy, paying attention to mental health, getting enough sleep, managing stress, avoiding unhealthy behaviors, taking prescribed medications as directed, getting regular mammograms, physicals, and vision and dental care. The list goes on, and it is a long list of things to fit into women’s already-busy schedules. But the consequences of NOT fitting them in can be pernicious to their long-term comfort and very life expectancy. Women’s health is a lifelong journey, and the time to start is yesterday—but it’s never too late to improve your chances of living the healthiest life possible moving forward.

Bossing Up

As busy women juggling the responsibilities of work and family, we often put our own needs on the back burner and help everyone else first—children, significant other, co-workers—before we help ourselves. Regardless of our good intentions for self-care, we often come up with excuses and blame our busy schedules. The truth is, it will be hard to keep up with the busy demands of work and family if we skip out on self-care, healthy eating, and exercise. Eventually we experience burnout and overwhelm which lead to poor health and major health concerns.


Karissa Adkins

Health and wellness expert and 365DailyHustle (365dailyhustle.com) Owner Karissa Adkins has been there. She knows all the excuses but finally found a way to Boss Up and take control of her own health and wellness. Now she teaches other women to do the same, with one of her leading offerings a 10-week “Reclaim Your Best Life” transformational health-coaching program that helps you hit the reset button, achieve your health goals, and become the best version of you.

“Reclaim Your Best Life helps women overcome their weight-loss battle, double their energy, and remove self-doubt and self-sabotaging downward spirals,” Karissa said. “Women learn how to master their mindset, habits, confidence, and start to own their true badass self. If you’re ready to awaken the sexy, powerful, unstoppable queen that I know is inside of you, then the Reclaim your Best Life program is for you!”

Check out Karissa’s fabulous new website to get all of the details about what the Reclaim Your Best Life Signature VIP Program includes—like coaching, accountability, conscious and subconscious work, and training videos—at 365dailyhustle.com. Get lifetime access to eight video modules that will deliver the proven weight-loss system that will show you how to ShowUp, BossUp, and THRIVE in your health, life, and career. Clients also receive ten 90-minute VIP Live Group Coaching sessions, three 60-minute VIP Mindset Coaching sessions; and one 90-minute Subconscious Breakthrough session.

“Becoming the best version of you isn’t going to happen overnight, Karissa said. “However, with the right support, accountability, and a fiercely tender tough-love coach in your corner, becoming healthy, happy, and confident is 100% possible! Quit lying to yourself, making excuses, and settling for the body and energy you have because you have so much life to live. It took me 10 years to learn what I teach clients in 10 weeks. You can’t go pick up the magic bottle of pills or potion and hope it will work. Hire someone who drinks the Kool-Aid!”


Taking care of yourself, your family, and your job can become overwhelming at times, and it’s crucial that you protect your mental health as much as you do your physical health. That’s where Clearwater Counseling (clearwatercounselingpc.org) comes in. They offer mental health services to women, as well as men and children, through personalized and compassionate counseling practices that promote growth, development, and well-being to further enhance your quality of life.


Nikki Frenzen
Clearwater Counseling

“Mental health is just as important as physical health and can greatly impact an individual’s life,” said Clearwater Co-owner Nikki Frenzen, COO, MS, PLMHP. “As more than one in five women in the U.S. experience a mental health condition each year, it’s critical for women to know that services are available to them. Additionally, depression and anxiety are more common in women, making it all the more important for women to have access to resources.”

It’s also important to note that men and women can experience mental health differently. For example, some women may experience symptoms of mental health disorders, such as postpartum depression, at times of hormone change. Pressures created by their multiple roles, gender discrimination, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, can also be factors for a mental health diagnosis. Fortunately, mental health conditions are treatable, and Clearwater Counseling is here to enhance women’s health.

“Our experienced team of mental health providers offer services to those who have been diagnosed with depression, relationship issues, grief/loss/trauma, addiction and recovery, co-dependency, anxiety and phobias, parenting problems, sexual abuse and incest, physical abuse and violence, as well as various others,” Nikki said. “Unfortunately, if a mental health diagnosis is left untreated, it could potentially affect the individual’s circumstances from both a personal and professional standpoint. Taking care of one’s mind is essential to their overall health and wellbeing.”

Pregnancy Support

If you’re going through pregnancy and experiencing the inevitable discomfort it so often brings, See The Trainer® Midwest, Inc. (seethetrainer.com) is for you! Driven by customer service and upheld by reputation, See The Trainer is an orthopedic, sports medicine facility dedicated to keeping a diverse population functioning through a variety of bracing and support products.

See The Trainer offers a variety of products to aid women throughout their pregnancies. That includes in-stock bracing, support, home health, and rehabilitation products, which can be extremely beneficial to women during that time. These products include, but are not limited to, ice packs for swelling, wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), maternity back supports, sacroiliac, or SI, belts to help relieve pressure in the hips from the weight of carrying a child, and compression stockings for swelling in the lower legs.


Kristie Egan
See The Trainer Midwest

“Not only are these products beneficial during pregnancy, but they can also be used postpartum,” said See The Trainer Omaha Franchise Owner and President Kristie Egan. “For example, if carpal tunnel syndrome induced by pregnancy is not addressed properly during that time, the effects of CTS can linger long after. Another example of proper pregnancy care is use of a maternity support postpartum. This will give the wearer extra support in the lower back as well as lifting and providing support under the abdomen. Doctors like to say that it takes nine months to build a baby, so it takes nine months for your body to go back to normal. No matter where you are in those 18 months, See The Trainer® is sure to help.”

Even if you don’t need a physical support, their additional advice is to put time aside to focus on yourself. Your body has been taken over by another human being, literally. It is very difficult to focus on yourself during your pregnancy, but it is imperative that you do so. Make it a priority to make yourself as comfortable as possible. It’s a stressful time but making yourself comfortable will ensure that your experience is as pain-free (both physically and mentally) as possible!

A Fitness HIIT!

If you’re ready to sweat off the stress, pounds, and toxins we’ve got the perfect solution. HOTWORX (hotworx.net/studio/omaha-northwest) at 165th and Maple is a 24-hour infrared fitness studio featuring Isometric and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. Benefits of infrared workouts include weight loss, pain relief, detoxification and much more!


April Campbell

“HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program while you are in an infrared sauna created for users to experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30-minute isometric workout or 15-min HIIT session,” said Franchise Owner April Campbell. “As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction. The results our users achieve make HOTWORX one of the most efficient 30-minute workout programs in the fitness and beauty industry today!”

HOTWORX was created for members who want to flush toxins from their body and burn massive amounts of calories in the process. Whether you’re looking to polish off your regular workout routine or looking for new ways to live a healthier lifestyle, HOTWORX will be a major component of your beauty, wellness, and fitness program.

Infrared is electromagnetic energy and a form of radiation found in the invisible area of the light spectrum. Far Infrared radiation, such as the IR generated inside of a HOTWORX infrared workout sauna, safely stimulates the body’s immune system by boosting metabolic functions and generating the production of white blood cells which enhances the body’s ability to fight off infections as well as many other health benefits.

Women have unique health needs, and it is important to stay in tune with your body’s needs and changes throughout your life. In addition to the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet, we recommend contacting the specialists featured here to address your whole body and mind health to pave the way to a long and healthy life.

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