The season of love is upon us, and we are happy to help guide the lovebirds of Omaha on how to make this special day one to remember. Whether you are spending the day with a special someone or spreading love to your friends, family, and community, Valentine’s Day reminds us to lead with love. It may be the day dedicated to love, but February 14 should not be the only day that ranks love at the top spot of importance. Love should be an integral part of everything we do, every conversation we have, and every decision we make. Without love, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Show the people you love the most how much you care about them with these helpful tips from these local businesses!

More than a Bouquet

Dr. Vernetta Kosalka is an award-winning hospitality professional specializing in event planning, event design, and hospitality management education in Omaha. The Wedding Planner Omaha, LLC was founded in 2009 and does business as Florist of Omaha and VK Events Floral Planning. Their planners and designers are experienced and dedicated professionals.

Dr. Vernetta Kosalka
Florist of Omaha

“Of course when it comes to florists, everyone thinks about flowers. Our Valentine’s selection offers seasonal flowers of the classic reds, pinks, purplews, and white, but we also offer gifts and add-ons that can make your arrangement really pop,” Dr. V explained. “We offer large and small boxes of chocolates, balloons, teddy bears, and our own line of candles.”

If you are looking for a unique place to get your Valentine’s fix, Florist of Omaha provides a well thought out creation with your ideas in mind with their event planning background. As an extension of The Wedding Planner Omaha, LLC, Vernetta and her team are ready to create your perfect vision based on more than just the flowers.

“When you come and shop with us, we want to understand the full vision. What is the location, what’s the total vision? Our team of employees is extremely talented,” Dr. V said. “They practice and challenge themselves with expanding their floral designs. You’re going to get a high level of customer service and a high level of attention to detail when you interact with us. We will make sure our services are professional, friendly, and attentive. We want our clients walking away feeling like all of their needs were met for what they are trying to celebrate.”

Making Valentine’s Day special for your loved ones is always a challenge. Dr. V has some expert advice on how to make this year’s day unique and stress-free.

“The advice I would give to those ordering flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day is to plan and order in advance. Contact your local florist early to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, just in case things sell out. I think buying locally from a business like ours is going to provide you more attention to detail on your order,” advised Vernetta. “Many big companies that offer online ordering receive thousands of orders from across the country. Avoid getting lost in the shuffle and find someone you can talk to in-person! We prioritize local orders and make the experience more personable. We guarantee that you will get your flowers on Valentine’s Day or in the window we set together.”

As for this year specifically, Dr. V expects a higher volume of orders than in years past, so preordering at the beginning of February is your best option.

“Be creative. There are a lot of times where our customers will order designer’s choice arrangements that give them full freedom to create an arrangement. The traditional red rose bouquet is really popular, but we find that a lot of our clients aren’t looking for that traditional bouquet. A lot of clients are looking for a custom arrangement that we can help out with to make it perfect for your loved one. We take the planning and designing off your shoulders, but not out of your hands!” said Vernetta.

Valentine’s Day also marks the end of engagement season. From November to February, wedding engagements see a spike due to the exciting nature of the holiday season. Dr. V and her knowledgeable team can assist in engagement florals, engagement planning, and newly engaged couples looking to start their floral journey for their upcoming nuptials. All in all, Florist of Omaha and The Wedding Planner Omaha, LLC is a one stop shop for your Valentine’s Day needs!

Don’t Skip Dessert!

Tasty treats are always a great way to show someone how much you love them. Give your loved ones something to drool over by ordering sweets from The Omaha Bakery. Their menu includes intricate cakes, a variety of cheesecake flavors, soft breads that come in rolls or loaves, and brownies and bars that can be custom designed to fit the occasion. The Omaha Bakery also offers ketogenic desserts for those who are on a low-carb diet but want to indulge for the holidays. From cookies to pumpkin loaves, The Omaha Bakery always has something sweet and healthy up their sleeve.

Don’t let the temptation of sweet treats everywhere cause you stress about falling off the wagon– enjoy desserts that taste just as good as the non-keto products by ordering from The Omaha Bakery!

No matter if you are practicing a little self-love or treating your true love to something special, take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to enjoy an exciting new adventure. There are so many professionals in the area that want to help you make this day a day to remember. XOXO!