As February 14th approaches, there are probably many mixed feelings out there.  You have those who are excited about the holiday, those who are nervous about the holiday, those who really don’t care and those who are terrified of the day because they have no idea how to make their significant other happy on Valentine’s Day.  However, no matter how you feel about the holiday or the status of your current relationship, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few suggestions

For those who are single

Just because you don’t have a ‘sweetheart’ doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun Valentine’s Day.  Why not consider getting all of your single friends together and going out to hit the town or having them over to your house for a party?  It’s likely that your buddies who are single are also wondering how to get through this holiday and will be happy to have some plans.

If your friends are all busy, consider hanging out with someone else in your life who may be lonely.  Perhaps you have a parent or grandparent in a retirement community or a sibling who doesn’t have any plans.  This is a great opportunity to go see them, bring them some dinner and have a nice evening of catching up.

For those in a new relationship

New relationships can be difficult when it comes to Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve only been dating a few weeks or months when this holiday hits.  After all, you don’t know what the other person is expecting or what they are planning for you and you don’t want to over-celebrate or under-celebrate.  One of the best things you can do if you’re in a new relationship is to plan a nice dinner out.  Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, so you can either make reservations for that evening or wait until the weekend depending on your schedule.  It’s a good idea to err on the side of caution, though, and call ahead for reservations no matter which evening you’re planning your date for.

Keep in mind that many restaurants are running specials for Valentine’s Day.  For example, Harvest Cafe is offering an appetizer, two entrees, dessert and a bottle of wine for $75 and they are accepting reservations for the evening.  This could be a great way to try a new restaurant that you (or your sweetheart) have never experienced before and you might even get to try something that is not normally on the menu.  The important thing is to call ahead and make sure you have reservations.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than taking someone you want to impress out on this special night and finding that everywhere is full!

For those in a long-term relationship

If you’ve been with someone for many years, you might be wondering what you could possibly do this year to make the holiday unique and interesting.  You’ve probably already done the dinner thing (though it’s still nice to have a special meal with your sweetheart no matter how many years you’ve been doing it), the flower thing and the jewelry thing.  Why not try a new gift this year?  Here are a couple of ideas:

Fruit bouquet  If your significant other works in an office, they are probably hoping they will receive something on Feb. 14th so they can show it off to all their co-workers!  If you want to do something a little more unique than flowers, why not consider a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements?  There are a number of different delicious arrangements to choose from, many of which include chocolate-dipped strawberries, bananas or other fruits!  Your significant other can keep it all to him or herself or share it with officemates.

Remote starting system  It might sound like a funny gift, but what man OR woman wouldn’t enjoy a new remote starting system to keep them from that cold ice-scraping, warming up the car  situation that they face each morning during the winter months?  Rick Quistad from Jones Automotive suggests the following way to give this gift: “Here’s an approach that has actually been played out several times by both men and women.  One of them will take their vehicle to us under the guise of routine maintenance (oil change, brake job, etc.).  While the vehicle is here, we install the remote starting system.  They hide the remote and hand it to them at a later opportunity during a romantic dinner.  I am speaking from experience that everyone really appreciates this!  And, of course, I do recommend combining this with jewelry.”

Home décor  If you share a home with your significant other and they have been grumbling lately about wanting some updates, Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for this!  “A woman’s home is her castle,” explains Tom Ehly with Ehly’s Interiors.  “A new redecorating theme can revitalize and refresh the winter ‘blahs’.  One of the best ways to give this gift is to have a room makeover.  Women especially appreciate a master bedroom or a kitchen while men tend to like a basement theater or game room.  Our home is our cocoon and we should feel comfortable in it and feel good about inviting family and friends over for important events.  If you or your significant other don’t feel this way, why not use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to make some changes?”

As with most projects, utilizing the help of a professional is recommended.  “Most women appreciate decorating advice from a professional and input from a special person in their life,” Tom comments.  “Since this can be a pretty big project, I would recommend planning ahead and taking time to pick just the right products and colors.”  If you don’t want to pick out everything without them, why not just wrap up a paint sample or a gift certificate to give them at dinner, then explain that you want them to come in to the store or showroom with you to pick out things together and speak with a professional about the project.

Spa or salon services  “With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, consider a gift certificate in any amount you desire for that special person from a spa or salon,” suggests Lisa Shafer with Salon Capelli. “Even if that special person is YOU!  Salon Capelli offers an extended list of services ranging from haircuts and color to spa services to pamper your lucky loved ones.  Consider an hour long custom facial including hot stone massage for arms, hands and feet!  What a treat!  Check out our website for a complete list of services today.”

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can be enjoyed by all, no matter what your relationship status is.  It’s a day to appreciate those we love and spend time with the important people in our lives.  Remember, no matter what you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to let the people you love know how much they mean to you, both on February 14th and the rest of the year!