Welcome to the first in our newest PETS IN THE WORKPLACE feature! We are excited to feature a different Omaha area office each month that welcomes a furry friend into their work family on a daily basis. If you know of any local businesses that have a ‘mascot’ or a pet-related business that might want to be a sponsor, please contact AngelaW@StrictlyBusinessomaha.com

Murray_dogMurray began her career at Better Business Equipment Company when she was just eight months old.  Murray came from a litter of pups that were intended to be search dogs, but a life in printing technology quickly took over.

Murray’s life at Better Business Equipment Company includes access to all parts and people within the organization. Her days include being our official greeter. She is known for welcoming customers into our office. Walking into a facility known for professional attire and having an eighty pound wagging tail is a surprise to some but welcomed by most.

Beyond greeting customers, Murray is responsible for internal PR with employees. She is available for employees who want to reduce stress by having a friendly furry helper. She has an incredible memory of those who have milk bones tucked away in their desks.

Murray’s favorite activity at work is hearing the words “mail man” from the front of the office. This is her call to race to the front door, jump vertically at the front door until Larry- her favorite mail man, arrives with his daily dog biscuits. Murray’s only concern with life at Better Business Equipment is the monthly window cleaners. She feels that anyone in coveralls messing with our windows should be warned that they are out of place.

At the end of each day Murray gets buckled into her dog seat belt and rides home to a life filled with chasing sticks, going on walks and hoping that the ball gets thrown just one  more time.