Trade Show Preparation in Omaha, NE – 2019

Trade shows are a great opportunity for marketing and business growth. They’re a fantastic networking event that encourages face-to-face interaction; however, learning how to best utilize the opportunity can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a variety of companies dedicated to making your company stand out. We spoke to some local experts to give you a special insight of how you and your company can truly benefit from participating in a trade show.

Stephanie Wheeler

Signage at a trade show is crucial! In the hectic crowds, a clean, engaging display will attract customers to fight through the crowd to see what your company is all about. First, we spoke to Stephanie Wheeler, communications specialist at FASTSIGNS® of Omaha. FASTSIGNS specializes in creating unique and memorable signs and banners to boost business’s visibility.

“One, know your budget ahead of time and your signage priorities,” Stephanie advised. “Ask yourself if you will need a backdrop display, table throw, table top display, banners, swag items, etc. There are endless possibilities for a tradeshow display. Second, if possible, take pictures and measurements so you have a layout of the space you will be working with and where you are located in the venue. Third, know the demographic of the guests attending the event. Lastly, people tend to forget the small details and rush to plan their event. Give yourself a good month before the event so that you have plenty of time to successfully plan out what you need.”

Jon Weiss

Trade shows are a time to make a good first impression. You don’t want to look stressed or over-worked when you’re representing your brand. One way to keep stress down is by using technology to make your job easier. We spoke to founder and principal developer of ShineForth, Jon Weiss, for information about the latest trade show technology.

“Mobile apps are a powerful tool for marketers and trade show organizers,” Jon informed us. “With the right app, you can quickly capture feedback from attendees, provide trade show information, engage conversations and social media sharing, as well as capture leads. Mobile apps create the possibility of enhancing conversations during and after the trade show. It’s a must have technology asset if you are planning an event.”

ShineForth is a software developing company that dedicates itself in knowing you, your brand, culture, and mission. They can help make your trade show flow smoothly while connecting you to as many customers as possible.

“An asset for trade show organizers is a website dedicated to the trade show,” added Jon. “The website should provide information about the event, where to register, how to arrive, where to stay, the agenda for the event, and serve as an access point for downloading session presentations or connecting with organizers. The website for the event is a complimentary piece to the app, working hand-in-hand to enhance information sharing and attendee engagement before, during, and after the event. At ShineForth, we can help you design a website or mobile app experience that raises the bar on engagement and creates excitement for your event through powerful story-telling, visual design, and ease of use.”

In closing, do your research and reach out to professionals here in Omaha who can help you optimize your trade show experience!