In our increasingly tech-driven world, businesses are heavily relying on technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. However, the rapid pace of technological advancements can pose challenges for businesses striving to keep up. While technology offers great benefits, you have to know what you are doing to optimize them. Recognizing this, we engaged with local tech experts to share insights and expertise, aiming to help businesses to navigate the evolving tech landscape and harness its full potential for optimal performance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in the professional world. The power of AI lies in its ability to rapidly process vast amounts of data, learn and adapt through machine learning, automate tasks for increased efficiency, provide personalized experiences based on user behavior and comprehend and generate human-like language through Natural Language Processing (NLP). These capabilities have had transformative effects across various industries, and are shaping the future of technology and everyday interactions.

BspokeIQ, a business support network introduced by Cyberbacker Nebraska-Iowa (, understands the power of AI and fully utilizes its capabilities. BspokeIQ was established to bridge gaps and address essential business needs, and AI plays a pivotal role in building and expanding brands, teams and customer outreach. Proper utilization of AI significantly contributes to efficiency, innovation and overall effectiveness in meeting client needs.

Donald Kracke

According to Donald Kracke, a Certified Business Coach with BspokeIQ, “AI is a great tool for streamlining processes when used correctly. However, AI won’t always produce what you are wanting and can lead you astray real quick if you don’t pay attention to the information it provides or know how to direct it. Its ability to be helpful is all in the way you ask something and how you use the information it provides.”

As technology continues to evolve, BspokeIQ remains committed to empowering businesses with AI-driven solutions while prioritizing integrity, innovation and client success. With their forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence, they are poised to lead their clients towards a future of sustainable growth and success.

For technology solutions that enhance the fiber-optic experience for businesses, consider reaching out to ALLO ( Their solutions are designed to cater to various aspects of business technology and cybersecurity.

One standout offering from ALLO Business is their Next-Gen Firewall. This comprehensive cybersecurity and enterprise security solution goes beyond traditional firewalls, operating 24/7 to protect businesses. The Next-Gen Firewall employs advanced features such as deep-packet inspection, intrusion prevention (IPS), advanced malware detection and application control. This approach ensures thorough security, as it can identify and address potential threats, including those hidden within application traffic. By offering robust protection, ALLO Business aims to safeguard organizations from potential breaches.

ALLO Business also provides Technology Solutions geared towards simplifying IT management. These solutions are proactive and planned, with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. The objective is to fully understand business goals and align technology and security to support these objectives effectively.

Another feature in ALLO Business’s arsenal is their Vice Solutions, which include a Cloud voice telephone system. This system promises features that contribute to customer and employee satisfaction, offering savings, scalability, secure connectivity and more.

Furthermore, ALLO Business introduces Microsoft Teams Voice as part of their communications solutions. By using Microsoft Teams as a phone system, businesses can consolidate communication tools into one space. This integration allows for a unified platform for calls, documents and calendars, enabling teams to engage, chat and collaborate efficiently from any location.

For increasing efficiency and productivity, AI is another technological advancement to consider utilizing. Cox Business ( is one of many businesses to have embraced the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI), and they are able to more effectively assist customers because of it. Initially employed to handle common queries through Chat Bots and phone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, AI’s role has expanded to become a vital asset in customer service. It seamlessly directs customers to the appropriate departments, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience.

The integration of AI goes beyond customer service, however, extending into the realm of marketing at Cox Business. Marketing teams now use AI to create detailed customer profiles by categorizing them into distinct segments. This intelligent segmentation enhances the understanding of customer needs, enabling a more targeted and personalized approach to engagement.

David Berthiaume
Cox Business

AI’s impact is also felt within the sales teams at Cox Business. It plays a pivotal role in predictive forecasting, providing valuable insights to guide activities aimed at achieving sales goals. This strategic application of AI empowers sales teams to make informed decisions, optimizing their efforts for better outcomes.

RapidScale, a Cox Business company specializing in Public and Private Cloud services, has additionally harnessed the capabilities of AI. It effectively monitors and manages customer security and storage needs, showcasing the versatility of AI in diverse business functions. RapidScale has even established a dedicated department for AI and machine learning (ML) to assist customers in implementing these technologies within their own company environments.

David Berthiaume, the Director of Sales at Cox Business, highlights the tangible benefits of AI in improving service quality, stating, “The strategic incorporation of AI not only streamlines internal processes, but also positions Cox Business and its affiliates as leaders in leveraging advanced technologies to enhance customer experiences.”

Ensure customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace by embracing technology designed to propel your business forward. Keeping your technology up-to-date and having the right team to manage its maintenance not only provides peace of mind, but also offers long-term savings. This proactive approach sets your business on a path for sustained customer satisfaction in the dynamic landscape of today’s market.