The nice weather has finally arrived and people all over the city are evaluating the outdoor areas of their homes and offices to see what needs to be done in preparation for spring and summer.  Most of us want to take advantage of the nice weather and spend time on decks, patios or in yards but many of us have some work to do before these areas are ready.  Fortunately, you there are a number of professionals who can help you with this endeavor and make sure that the outdoor areas of your home and business are clean, accessible and attractive for the extended use they will soon be getting.


Many of us in this region tend to ignore our yards and outdoor areas during the winter months, so clean-ups are usually necessary when the weather warms up.  It’s important to completely remove any accumulated materials such as brush and thatch during a spring clean-up as it allows your lawn and plantings to grow freely and to their fullest potential.  Many plant and tree beds also need to be replenished and nourished for the spring.  Clean-ups usually also include deadheading flowers, pruning trees and shrubs, fertilizing and applying fresh mulch.  During this time, your landscaping company can also address potential issues before they become larger problems.

“For commercial projects, we find that businesses really want to make their landscaping presentable to customers and clients,” says Dale Leuck with Team Green Grounds Management Company.  “Parking lot cleaning is big for businesses and something that should be done in early spring.”


Adding trees to your landscaping can be a great way to make it look more complete and attractive and also provide benefits such as shade and windbreaks.  It’s important, however, to work with a professional who is knowledgeable about choosing and caring for trees.  “Start with a quality plant,” advises Stacy Hughes with Terry Hughes Tree Service.  “Check for insects, disease and prior hail damage or problems before you buy.  There is no such as a deal in landscape material.  Make sure you select the correct tree for the site as well.  Considerations should be size at maturity, drainage of the soil and amount of sunlight.  Remember, trees are a long-term investment and the correct tree can last a lifetime.”

When choosing a professional to help you, Stacy suggests, “Do your research.  You can’t glue a tree back together, so it’s important to choose right the first time.  Ask for references, certifications and have their insurance company send you a certificate of insurance.  Our company has 15 certified arborists on staff who can assist customers in selection and we offer all types of tree maintenance including fertilization, insect and disease control, pruning and removal services.”

Sprinkler System Spring Start-up

With the arrival of spring, it is important to ensure that your lawn/ landscape sprinkler system is ready for the growing season.  JD Heilman of Heilman Irrigation, LLC explains, “The spring start-up of a sprinkler system is a crucial time for ensuring smooth operation throughout the growing season.  Any investment you make in properly preparing your sprinkler system will yield better performance, a healthier lawn and plants, water conservation, and cost savings.”  Spring sprinkler start-up usually includes carefully turning on the system (to avoid damage from sudden water surges), inspecting the system for proper operation, and programming the controller.

Spring is an excellent time to inspect for leaks, damage, and proper coverage.  Repairs and adjustments can be made that will conserve water, protect your lawn and landscape investment, save money, and reduce future maintenance issues.  The controller should be properly programmed to ensure that each lawn or landscape area is receiving the proper amount of water at the proper intervals.

Your lawn sprinkler technician should take into consideration the type of lawn and plants, soil type, weather conditions, slope of your property, and the amount of sun/shade that your property receives when programming the controller.  Hiring a qualified sprinkler contractor to complete your spring start-up will ensure you have a great looking lawn and landscape, as well as more time to enjoy summer time activities with family and friends.

Landscape Lighting / Nightscaping

As the warmer weather arrives and we begin spending more time outdoors, it’s important to consider the impact lighting can have on safety, security, and enhancing the overall look of your property.  Landscape lighting, also known as Nightscaping, can enhance the value of a property, provide for safety after dark, and increase the security of your home or business.  JD Heilman of Heilman Irrigation, LLC explains, “Landscape lighting can accentuate architectural features, trees, or other aspects of your landscaping or property that you would like to highlight.  Additionally, landscape lighting can provide for increased safety and security after dark.”

Whether you are lighting a safe path for your guests, ensuring stairs or ramps are visible, or seeking to discourage crime, landscape lighting can meet your needs in an affordable manner.  Heilman Irrigation has experience designing and installing landscape lighting, as well as water features and complete outdoor living areas.  “We have an electrical engineer on staff and a team of experienced installers, enabling us to properly design and implement your lighting project.”


Your gutters are an important part of your landscaping.  If not properly installed, you can cause major damage to the landscaping and foundation of your home and a misplaced downspout can cause dangerously icy conditions for your home or business.  Working with a professional gutter company is the best way to ensure that your gutters are doing their job.  CARP’S Seamless Gutters is the leading Leafproof Gutter Protection System installation company in the Midwest region.  “Leafproof Gutter Protection Systems keep out all leaves, seeds and debris,” states Chad Carpender, owner of CARP’S.  “When installed properly, the system will also protect your home from ice dams.  We offer a lifetime warranty on all services and materials and are always focused on the highest level of customer service.”

Landscaping Trends

Every season, there seems to be a few new trends that more and more people are integrating into their landscapes while there are also many enduring options that are popular each spring.  Outdoor rooms are one of the enduring trends that seem to get stronger every year.  “Outdoor rooms are an extension of the indoor living space and can feature outdoor kitchens and fire pits and boulder bubblers that give the sound and tranquility of water,” explains Joe Sevening with Sevenings Landscaping, Inc.

“Outdoor kitchens are definitely starting to catch on,” adds Dale Leuck with Team Green Grounds Management Company.  “They are also getting more detailed with gas or wood fireplaces, different countertops, flooring and more.”

Other trends include container plantings to change out with the seasons and vegetable gardens being incorporated right into the landscaping.

There is also more of an emphasis on mulch this season.  “We bring in our mulch specially from Kansas City,” explains Dale Leuck.  “It’s called ‘chocolate mulch’ and it holds its color much longer and is double shredded, which makes the mulch very vibrant and brings out the color in the landscaping very well.  We have been using it on all of our landscaping jobs and our customers love it.”

Choosing a Professional

Sometimes we think we can take care of our lawncare and landscaping tasks ourselves.  Some people even feel like it is their duty to take care of the lawn as it’s a part of the responsibility of owning a home.  However, if you don’t truly enjoy yard work (and if you don’t know what you’re doing), you not only take away from things you really do enjoy (like time with family or hobbies), but you also may be doing more harm than good.  Hiring a professional to not only install the proper outdoor landscaping materials in the first place but also to maintain it on a regular basis is the best, least stressful way to make sure the outdoors of your home and office will look attractive and be functional throughout the season.

We have been lucky to have had a mild winter and early spring this year, but this also means that landscaping companies are already booking up for the season.  The time to call them is now!

“You should always choose a professional who has been in the business for many years,” suggests Dale Leuck with Team Green.  “Price is always an issue, of course, but the focus should be more on expertise, quality of work and someone who stands behind what they do.”

Joe Sevening of Sevenings Landscaping, Inc. asks, “Are they professional?  Do they return your phone calls?  Are they fulfilling your requests for your landscaping needs (whether it be a functional, environmental or entertainment need)?  Ask for referrals and before and after pictures.  What are their qualifications?  Do they specialize in what you are trying to accomplish with your landscape?  You might also want to ask where they purchase their plant material from.”

If you’re trying to decide between a couple of professionals, always go with the one you get along the best with.  While you may not be working side by side with them, you will need to have contact with them to express your needs, things that you think need to be changed and more.  If you don’t have a good relationship with that person or people, it will be stressful and may make you avoid talking to them.  If you aren’t treated with respect, if your opinions are not listened to and if the landscaper is not prompt and courteous, you should probably look elsewhere.

Now is the time to secure your landscaping professionals who can clean up your outdoor areas and prepare them for the warmer months.  We all enjoy spending time outdoors when the weather is nice and having a pleasant and clean landscape is the best way to encourage people to linger outside.