The calendar deems it is “officially” spring, but the season in place is truly determined by how Mother Nature in Nebraska is feeling that day. Regardless of the instability of our weather, nothing brings us Midwesterners more joy than a beautiful day – even if it is predicted to be followed up by freezing temps.

The only thing that can make great weather even better is a gorgeous landscape to enjoy it with. You might be a do-it-yourself landscaper, or perhaps you’d rather enlist some professionals to help you transform your property. Regardless of which route you’d like to take, Omaha has seasoned landscaping professionals that can offer their advice and/or labor to help you create the perfect landscape, just in time for summer – that is, the one that’s marked on the calendar.

If you know anything about our President Paige, it’s that she loves plants. In fact, there are 50 plants of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout our little office! Our team definitely isn’t complaining; indoor plants have been proven to improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety, and improve office performance and focus, among other things. Some places, such as an apartment, don’t come with the opportunity to implement landscape design, so in that case we suggest bringing nature inside and placing some plants around your home or office. You’ll be breathing better air and feeling the benefits in no time!

The Strictly Business team has been eager for spring to arrive so that we can begin some of our own landscaping plans. Paige hopes to add to her ever-growing plant collection and produce a fresh garden in her green house. Editor and Director of Operations Hannah plans on devoting some extra time to caring for her lawn to prepare for summer, and our Art Director Derek is going to spend some time catering to his indoor plants – he’s especially excited about his ficus bonsai tree. Our Writer Devyn would love to begin implementing an outdoor living space. Keep reading to get more ideas on landscaping projects that you can get started on this spring!

Spring Cleanup

Chris Meza
Meza Gardens and Design

For a landscaping business that has the experience to handle the complex projects while also small enough to offer their clients the attention they deserve, contact Meza Gardens and Design ( Meza Gardens and Design is a full-service, professional landscape design, build, and maintenance company. They can design and install landscapes and hardscapes, including retaining walls, patios, water features, and fire pits. Their main focus is residential landscapes. We spoke to Owner Chris Meza about some of the things homeowners should keep in mind as they prepare for spring landscaping.

“Your spring cleanup checklist should include removal of debris, including leaves and fallen branches; cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses, if not completed in the fall; bed edging; light top-dressing of beds with mulch; and pruning/trimming branches,” advised Chris. “Applying a pre-emergent to your landscape beds can also assist with weed control.”

While spring cleanups are happening now, Chris said to still reach out as soon as possible so her team can fit you into the schedule. It’s also important to reach out right away as soon as you decide you are interested in landscaping services. This is especially important if you have a big event coming up and wish to have a new landscape installed prior. Chris concluded by offering some of the trends she has seen recently and expects to continue to see:

“Relaxing outdoor spaces with fire pits has been the trend the past two years,” said Chris. “I anticipate continuing to see this in 2022. With everyone staying home, the focus has been on improving your outdoor areas and maximizing the use of garden space – we call it ‘Staycation.’”

Accent Lighting

Are you tired of getting up on a ladder every year to hang your holiday lights? Are you interested in accenting your home differently? We have found a permanent, worry-free, hassle-free solution for you through Halo Custom Lighting ( A sister company to Streamline Energy Solutions, they provide outdoor LED lighting that will last for 20+ years.

Jen Keller
Halo Custom Lighting

“They are maintenance-free and low-profile with a discreet design, and can be controlled through a free mobile app and connected via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,” said Owner Jen Keller. “Choose from 4,228,250,625 different color options, including warm white or cool white. You can even control each individual bulb, which allows for a complete customization for everyday accent lighting.”

Halo lights are designed to be a sleek, low-profile, custom fit and color to your home. The waterproof, climate-tested lights are rated to last 55,000 hours, and provide beautiful lighting to any property. Contact Halo Custom Lighting today to tie it all together with their gorgeous accent lighting!

Landscaping + Lawn Care

Chris Ansell
Deluxe Landscape Design

Deluxe Landscape Design ( offers a wide range of services for lawn care and landscaping, including seeding, sod, fertilization, aeration, mowing, trimming, mulching, retaining walls, and even holiday lighting! Their highly trained crew is made up of experienced, motivated, and talented individuals who all keep their motto of “Quality is Always Important!” at the forefront of their work. The company was started in 2002 by Owner Chris Ansell when he was 17.

“No job is too small or too large, and we will get the job done right the very first time,” said Chris. “Our team prides ourselves on providing outstanding service in a timely manner, and giving you a finished product to be proud of.”

Chris informed us that if your lawn receives lots of heavy traffic, such as kids and pets running through it, the soil may be compacted and aeration could be needed. Aeration creates openings in the lawn that lets water and air get into the soil and to the roots. While aerators can be rented, Chris advised us that it’s best to hire a professional to ensure that your lawn is aerated correctly – otherwise, you could overstress your lawn.
“Aerating doesn’t always need to be done in the spring, but if your soil is so compacted that your grass can’t even grow, it can be the necessary first step to developing a great lawn for the summer,” said Chris.

Deluxe Landscape Design is currently offering a great promotion this season: new clients receive a 15% Spring Special discount on all landscaping and lawn care services now through May 31. Reach out to Chris today to take advantage of this fabulous deal and have your landscape looking top-notch!

Lawn Care Tips

Here is some lawn care advice to keep in mind as you dive into your spring landscaping plans:

Don’t let warm weather trick you into working on your yard too early! There are still beneficial insects wintering in your plants and grass, and if cut too early, their habitat may be disrupted. While you wait to get started on your lawn, work on cleaning up any broken branches or debris that winter may have left behind, or make some calls to landscaping professionals to get started on your plans early.

Plan for over-seeding; this is generally best done in mid-April. Newly-seeded areas should be watered every day for at least a week, or until the grass reaches a height that is tall enough to mow.

Don’t mow your lawn too short. Taller grass will keep weeds out by providing more shade to prevent weed germination. In addition, tall grass strengthens roots and heightens heat tolerance. Nebraska consists of mainly cool-season grasses (Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue, for example), which should be kept at three to four inches tall. In addition, leave your grass clippings on the lawn when you mow; they will help to feed your grass.

Ensure your irrigation system is well-tuned. With the dry winter and prediction for a drier-than-normal spring, proper watering will be extremely important to ensure that your lawn is being watered efficiently.

Spring has sprung, so what are you waiting for? Reach out to these local landscaping and lawn care experts to create your perfect outdoor environment today!