We recently had the chance to visit the MAGIC fashion market in Las Vegas with one of our boutique clients and were excited to get to experience all of the new fashion trends that will be coming out soon.  Though some of the trends may hit the coasts first, many will be available at a number of local boutiques, so we’ll be able to take advantage of them right here in Nebraska!

Tights are seeing even more popularity this season, with an emphasis on patterns, bright colors and textures.  Along the same line of tights is a variety of socks, especially knee-high and over-the-knee types.  We saw a big emphasis on the legs, both with the tights and socks and with shorts.  Shorts were all over market, particularly shorter types with lace and patterns.  They will be big for spring and summer and even into fall paired with sweaters and tights or socks.  An emphasis on the legs was seen in many brands, comprised of shorts or skirts with colorful tights or socks and fun boots or shoes.

Color will be big this season, especially primary colors like blues, reds and especially yellows and tangerine oranges.  The colors will be showing up as solids and in prints and can be mixed and matched without a lot of regard for matching.

Feminine is still in with lots of lace and crochet in all different kinds of styles and on clothing as well as accessories.  These work well when you pair them with something a little edgier, possibly some heavy metal accessories, cowboy boots or even a leather jacket.  Layering is still very big, so layering some different styles or themes together is a great way to make a statement and really create your own look.

Trends from last year will continue to remain strong, including maxi (long) dresses and metallics and sequins.  We saw sequins make an appearance in a number of different styles and I think it’s safe to say sequins are no longer just for cocktail parties!  They are showing up in much more casual pieces and can be worn in a variety of situations rather than just formal ones.  Consider mixing a sequined piece with a suit for a jazzed up work look or throw on a sequined scarf and grab a sequined bag to pair with your dress for a night out on the town.

We found many style trends that reminded us of the ‘70s and ‘80s, both in style and pattern.  This is great news for those ‘savers’ who kept outfits from these eras as they will be able to wear them in style once again!

This spring and summer will be a fun season with lots of color, patterns and fun new ways to wear all the great styles popular right now!  We can’t wait to see what our local boutiques will be carrying and the way they will show off the new merchandise.  Remember, you don’t need to travel outside of the Omaha area or shop online to get the latest fashions–they are available right here at your local boutiques!